Seniors and their Risk of Getting Cavities

Seniors and their Risk of Getting CavitiesStudies show that seniors are at a higher risk for cavities and tooth decay compared to children.

Fortunately, many seniors nowadays keep their biological teeth much longer than seniors in the past. There is less need for teeth replacement such as dentures, however if the natural teeth remain, there’s a possibility for cavities and gum disease. If these are not treated, the teeth become painful, chipped or loose. As a result, this can lead to chewing problems, changes in facial structure, and eventually affect one’s confidence and wellbeing.

Contributing Factors of Cavities in Seniors

There are many reasons why seniors are more prone to cavities and decay

The Importance and Benefits of A Dental Exam

The Importance and Benefits of A Dental ExamAny medical exams are important to a person’s health, as it is the doctors’ way of inspecting the latest health status of their patients. The same thing about dental exam, your dentist will be able to check for any dental problems you might have for the past few months after your last visit and perform things that will keep your entire mouth healthy.

During a dental exam, your dental team will clean your teeth and inspect for cavities and check signs of gum disease. They will also evaluate your probability of developing other oral health problems, including the inspection of your face, neck and mouth for any oddities. The examination may also involve dental X-rays or other diagnostic procedures. Also, before leaving the office, your dentist will also provide you with helpful instructions on how you can improve your oral health involving your dental care at home, diet and tooth-friendly activities.

Tooth Anatomy: What are the Parts of your Teeth?

Tooth Anatomy: What are the Parts of your Teeth?Nowadays, many individuals tend to disregard the importance of their teeth. According to Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, as of 2010, there is 1 out of 7 people aged 15 and above suffered from toothache and 21% of those aged 45 to 64 avoid certain foods due to issues with their teeth. It only goes to show that many people in Australia alone faces problems when it comes to their oral health and dental care.

The Importance of Tooth Anatomy and your Overall Oral Health

The teeth play an important role in chewing and digesting food as well as when you smile and speak. Most of all, your teeth can impact your dental and general wellbeing. That is why it must have the right care and maintenance it deserves every day, for without a healthy set of teeth, life is a little bit unexciting.

Tooth Extraction: What and when you need it?

Tooth Extraction: What and when you need it? The primary goal of oral hygiene and routine dental check-ups is to strengthen the natural teeth as much as possible. On the other hand, a tooth may need to be removed for various reasons. The procedure is called tooth extraction.

When your teeth are totally damaged or decayed, your dentist will have no other option but to pull the tooth. Aside from these reasons, dentists need to perform extractions for other purposes as well.

The Edge of Composite Filling

The Edge of Composite FillingWhile others choose to have amalgam or gold fillings, some people would simply stick to the one that matches with the natural colour of their teeth. These are called white fillings and one of them is the composite filling. With this kind of tooth restoration, you wouldn’t have second thoughts projecting your smiles and laughs because the filling you have resembles the shade of your teeth.

The Procedure for Composite Filling

Before placing the filling, your dentist is going to clean the entire cavity from your tooth and set the glue or bonding material on the cavity. The dentist put the composite in layers using a light specialised to strengthen every layer. Once the last layer of the composite filling becomes hard, your dentist moulds the filling to make it look and feel natural. Your dentist finishes the procedure through polishing the composite to inhibit staining and immediate wear.

What you should Know about Mouth Sores

What you should Know about Mouth SoresMouth sores or stomatitis in its medical term, are caused by infection, injury or even oral cancer. In mild cases, they often heal on their own after one or two weeks. It is because mouth sores vary in their severity and causes. There are two main types of mouth sores; these are canker sores and herpes.

Two Types of Mouth Sores

#1 Canker Sores

This type of mouth sore is non-virus based and is triggered by everything involving stress to a simple hereditary preference. Most people would experience canker sores for around 12 days. On the other hand, chronic sufferers are required to have laser treatment that lasts for 15 minutes.

#2 Herpes

This is a virus-based mouth sore and, therefore, is contagious through direct contact. The symptoms for herpes usually involve skin lesions surrounding the mouth and lips including small blisters. There is no cure for this condition, but it can be treated with anti-viral creams and certain medications.

Tooth Cavity Prevention Tips

Tooth Cavity Prevention Tips The reason you need to brush and floss your teeth is to eliminate plaque. Bacteria in plaque responds with sugar found in foods you consume to generate acids that attack and deteriorate tooth enamel.

Though enamels are known to be a rigid, protective covering on teeth, once it became eroded, enamel leaves the teeth unprotected and allow tooth cavity to build up quickly.

Tooth Cavity Prone Areas


There are various places where a tooth can suffer cavities.

Enhancing Your Smiles Through Cosmetic Dentistry

Enhancing Your Smiles Through Cosmetic DentistryBeautiful smiles are just one of the simple gifts God has given to the humanity. It’s also an effortless method of increasing your self-esteem and confidence. But having complete and healthy teeth makes one smile beautifully, and that’s for sure.

However, nowadays if people get unsatisfied with their smiles for various reasons, they seek professional advice and solution right away. Cosmetic dentistry is the one-stop solution for the improvement of your smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry for Smile Make-Over

Ordinary dental treatments only assure the health condition of your teeth and provide advice on preserving your pearly whites. On the other hand, cosmetic dentistry has advanced further from this kind of treatment.

Cosmetic dentistry combines the application of dentistry and technology. Through this, there will be numerous solutions available to enhance a person’s smile. In a nutshell, these procedures can adjust the esthetics of your mouth.

Invisalign For Straighter Teeth And Better Oral Health

Invisalign For Straighter Teeth And Better Oral HealthTo get that ideal smile, it is important to understand that aside from the brightness of your teeth, there are other factors that you should work on. One of these would be the position and alignment of your teeth. A perfect smile should also display straight, evenly spaced, and properly aligned rows of teeth.

This is where orthodontic treatment can help you. This branch of dentistry focuses on correcting the alignment of your teeth, straightening them up and putting them into their proper positions.

However, people tend to have second thoughts when thinking about undergoing orthodontic treatment because of various reasons like: the cost of the dental treatment, the inconvenience or discomfort that the braces might bring, its impact on the aesthetic quality, the time it takes to get the results, and its immediate effect on dental and oral health.

Choosing Root Canal Treatment Over Tooth Extraction

Choosing Root Canal Treatment Over Tooth ExtractionWhen you experience a sudden yet unbearable pain in your tooth, you might instantly think of getting this affected tooth extracted.

As you walk into the dental clinic and talk with your dentist, you’ll be surprised to know that pulling out your tooth is probably the last option that we should consider. As much as possible, dental care experts would try to see to it that you can keep and preserve your natural tooth.

Pulling your tooth out is not always the best solution there is and Root Canal Treatment deemed to be a valid and beneficial alternative.

Back then, people usually misunderstood this dental treatment that is why they tend to avoid undergoing the procedure. now, with the advent of better techniques and modern tools, people are now becoming less hesitant when it comes to endodontic treatment.