Dentures in Geelong: A Convenient Solution for Missing Teeth

Dentures in Geelong- A Convenient Solution for Missing Teeth - geelong dentistAs you grow older, your smile changes. While other people are blessed with almost perfect teeth – white, strong and healthy, most individuals tend to be more susceptible to various dental issues such as tooth damage, periodontal disease, and tooth loss.

If you are one of those persons who have lost their beautiful smile due to tooth loss, advances in modern dentistry has the answer and solution you need. Through state of the art procedures, you will no longer suffer from missing teeth.

One visit to the dentist may change everything positively, because a healthy and complete smile may lead to a happy and satisfied life. At All Smiles Dental, improving your smile is our team’s passion and specialty. For missing teeth issues, one of the treatments we recommend is dentures.

The Unknown Threats of Tooth Loss

The Unknown Threats of Tooth LossSo your dentist told you that your tooth is severely damaged and that it needs to be extracted. Tooth extraction creates a gap between your teeth. This gap should serve as a reminder that you must improve your oral health care to help save the remaining teeth from being extracted.

On the other hand, Whether you lose one or more teeth whatever the reason, the impact on your oral health is relatively similar. Changes will gradually occur in the oral cavity. If it’s an extensive loss of teeth, effects may be more serious, causing significant damage to the aesthetics of your face and jawline.